Monday, September 1, 2008

10.5 Unique ideas for 250 FREE Business Cards

Get 250 Free Business Cards At!
What creative suggestions do you have? These are just a few.... 

1. Use them to promote a limited time special where it doesn't make sense to get thousands printed up.

2. Use them as loyalty cards or punch cards for your customers to track purchases.

3. Customize them to use them as holiday or gift hang-tags

4.  Membership or affiliation cards. 

5. Have a quote printed on them and tie them to goodie bags to leave with customers or prospects such as "Thank you for meeting with me today!"

6. They make great "new service" or "new item" announcements.

7. Put an inspirational quote and give them to clients as mini-bookmarks.

8. Create a coupon and give them to a referral partner to distribute to -their- clients.

9. They make great Save-The-Dates! Whether it is for a sale event, a service promotion or even a personal event such as a wedding, simply attach a magnet to the backside and you have a frugal but fabulous item! 

10. With a little creativity, one can create a template for a name-tag where event attendees fill in the blank..

10.5 To promote your blog or e-newsletter! :)